Casa Residencia

This is a replica of Rizal’s home and that of his family members who had come to visit him. It was constructed faithfully up to the original light and native materials used for the structure.

A veranda encloses the house. It is situated at precisely the “best spot” that feng sui would dictate, standing on a slightly higher ground than a flat lawn, open to see the view in front but fully protected by the hills behind.

A replica of Rizal’s bed can be seen here and a simple comfort room connected by wooden planks is found at the rear. It also houses Rizal’s family kitchen, which is a little lower than the main house. It measures 14 by 10 feet and is open on all sides from the waist up. The kitchen was intentionally designed this way to facilitate free air and prevent smoke from getting trapped inside.

Near here are the following structures of note:

Case Redonda

This is an octagonal house that used to serve as Rizal’s clinic and the quarters of his pupils. It is believed that the first eye operation in the Philippines was done here, with Rizal operating on the eye of his mother.

Because the operation was successful, Rizal soon became popular that he even had patients from other countries. The nearby Casa Redonda Pequena served as a chicken house and was later used by Rizal as quarters for patients.

Casetas de Salud

These are two structures that were extended as a tea house. Rizal converted these into a clinic to accommodate patients from other towns.

Aqueduct/Water System

Rizal engineered bamboo tubes that were used to connect the diversion canal to the kitchen and lavatory. The water system was completed in 1895 with the help of his pupils. It measured 110 meters long and its inclined walls were about 2.5 meters deep. At the top of the dam is the replica bust of Don Ricardo Carcinero and his wife.