About the QR Code tourism, heritage guide

To download information on heritage and tourism sites using the quick response or QR code printed on special markers, you will need to have a QR Code scanner. If your phone still does not have one, you can download a free QR code scanner from your phone’s application store.

Android users can download the Scan app or the Barcode Scanner. Both apps are free.

iPad and iPhone users can download the Scan app for iOS or NeoReader. Both apps are also free.

Windows phone users can download the Scan app for Windows.

BlackBerry users can download the free ScanLife Barcode Reader (Appworld link).

After installing a QR reader, you can start scanning the codes printed on markers in select tourism and heritage sites. To download information, however, your phone needs to have a dependable Internet connection. Your best choice is the country’s telecommunications leader, Smart Communications, Inc.

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